Mary Robson School of Ballet -

Classes in Classical Ballet from age 3½ to adults, a Boys Only dance class and a Mummy and Me class for toddlers in North East Fife, taught by Registered Teachers of the Royal Academy of Dance.
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About The School

Mary Robson attended ballet classes from the age of 3 with Jean Pringle in Dundee. She later trained full time at the Academy of Ballet in Edinburgh.
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Contact Us

If you have any general enquiries, please contact us via telephone or email.
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Scottish Ballet Junior Assocaites Scottish Ballet Junior Assocaites

Timetables and Fees

Timetable for classes from 12th April until June 24th 2021. We have created 10 minutes between classes to sanitise touch points. 

Monday - East or West hall, Wormit

3.40 - 4.40pm (online Wed 3.45pm)

Grade 2

4.50 - 5.50pm (4.45-5.45pm)

Intermediate and pointe

6.00 - 7.00pm (6.00-6.45pm)

Grade 7

7.15 - 8.15pm (online only-Tues 7.30-8.15pm)

Adult ballet/Discovering Repertoire




Tuesday - East or West hall, Wormit

3.40 - 4.20pm ( online Saturday 2.30pm) 

Younger Nursery

4.30 - 5.15pm  (Saturday 2.30pm)

Older Nursery

5.25 - 6.10pm   ( Saturday 2.30pm)



3.30 - 4.15pm   (Saturday 3.30pm)

4.25 - 5.25pm  ( 4.45-5.30pm)

new RAD Pre-Primary in Dance



RAD Primary in Dance

Grade 4

5.35 - 6.35pm  (5.45-6.30pm)

Grade 6 

 7.30 - 8.15pm online only                                 Adult Ballet


Mummy and Me class                               

1.30 - 2.00pm   ( East Hall, Wormit church)         For walking age to age 3 children       This class is currently suspended due to Covid 19. We hope to resume asap.                                  


Wednesday - East Hall, Wormit





5.10 - 6.10pm ( Wednesday 4.45-5.30pm)

Older Grade 5

6.20 - 7.20pm  ( Wednesday 4.45-5.30pm)

Grade 5

7.30 - 8.30pm (currently online Tues only)

Adult Ballet for beginners/improvers


Thursday - The Larick Centre, Shanwell Road, Tayport

3.45 - 4.30pm  (online Saturday 2.30pm)

RAD Pre-Primary in Dance

4.40 - 5.25pm   (Saturday 230pm)

Older Nursery 

5.35 - 6.20pm    (Saturday  3.30pm)

RAD Primary in Dance

6.30 - 7.30pm    (Thursday 5.45pm) 

Grade 3













Thursday - East Hall, Wormit Church



5.00 - 6.00pm ( onlineThursday 5.45pm)

Grade 4





Friday - West or East hall in Wormit


4.15 - 5.00pm (West) ( Saturday 3.30pm)  

RAD Primary in Dance

5.10 - 5.55pm (West)  (Friday 4.45pm)

Grade 1


3.30- 4.30m (East)     (Friday 3.45pm   


Grade 3 





West Hall, Bay Road, Wormit. DD6 8LU

East Hall, behind Wormit Church, Riverside Road, Wormit. DD6 8LJ

The Larick Centre, Shanwell Road, Tayport. DD6 9EA ( near the golf club)

Ballet Class Fees

For payment of fees, we have 3 Terms of 10 weeks and 1 of 7 weeks from August '19 to June '20.

There is an enrolment fee of £5 payable in Term 1 or whenever a new pupil enrols throughout the year. Classes resume on 24th August 2020 and our Enrolment day for new pupils ONLY is Saturday 22nd August in the West Hall, Bay Road, Wormit from 9.30 - 11.30am. Each pupil will be alloted a 20 minute time slot to meet our staff and buy any ballet wear that's required. 

Invoices will be emailed to parents in the first week of Term once Enrolment forms have been returned. Payment by bank transfer is preferable but cash and cheques are also acceptable. Payments should be made by the 5th week of term, otherwise a 10% surcharge will be added.

Please note that Classes will continue on all in-service days and short holidays. 

Fees for the current year, per 10 weeks...

  • £56 per Term for a 40 & 45 minute class
  • £60 per Term for a 60 and 75 minute class
  • Adult class ticket £23.00 (4 classes), £44 (8 classes)
  • Adult class paying weekly is £6.00 


  • 5% discount for pupils/siblings taking 2 classes per week
  • 10% discount for pupils/siblings taking 3 classes per week
  • 15% discount for pupils/siblings taking 4 classes per week
  • 20% discount for pupils/siblings taking 5 classes per week
  • 25% discount for pupils/siblings takins 6 classes per week
  • families taking 6 or more classes a week can enjoy limitless classes at no extra cost
  • extra Saturday/Sunday exam classes will be charged at the full rate

A 10% surcharge will be automatically added to fees which are unpaid by the 5th week of term.

Please see our Terms and Conditions on the Contact page for more details.