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Classes in Classical Ballet from age 3½ to adults, a Boys Only dance class and a Mummy and Me class for toddlers in North East Fife, taught by Registered Teachers of the Royal Academy of Dance.
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About The School

Mary Robson attended ballet classes from the age of 3 with Jean Pringle in Dundee. She later trained full time at the Academy of Ballet in Edinburgh.
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If you have any general enquiries, please contact us via telephone or email.
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Scottish Ballet Junior Assocaites Scottish Ballet Junior Assocaites

Class Information and dancewear

Younger and older Nursery classes

 Girls and boys are accepted from the age of 3 ½ and ideally will remain in the nursery classes for 2 years. Through imaginative themes and stories such as visiting a princess or flying to the moon, the children in the Younger class develop their movement skills through music, singing and miming  to nursery rhymes and enjoying using props. They learn to dance in circles and small groups, in pairs and alone, encouraging expression, spatial awareness and self confidence.

In the Older Nursery Class, we develop these themes and introduce some basic ballet positions and steps, all in a fun context but children develop their motor skills and musicality, and an enjoyment of movement and dance.

Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance

Pupils from Pre-Primary upwards (approx. age 5) will follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus as well as enjoying free-style ballet work in their classes, which encourages coordination, musicality and confidence. Pupils will have the opportunity to be entered for the RAD Graded exams or Class Awards. More details on the About us page.

Grade 1 - Grade 5

More technical ballet training starts in Grade 1, but still encouraging an enjoyment of dance and sense of performance. The RAD Grade 1 to 3 Syllabus which was launched in 2012, inspires the children to want to dance with it's wonderful orchestrated music. By encouraging the feeling of the steps before learning the classical technique, pupils gain strength and fitness. Character dancing is also taught from Grade 1. This is a theatrical version of national dancing from Hungary, Russia and Poland and a more advanced level of this work can be seen in the ballet classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia and Swan Lake. The Grade 4 and 5 syllabii were launched in 2014 and the new work continues to inspire and challange our dancers.

Each grade builds on the achievements of the previous one and by Grade 5 pupils should be technically competent, increasingly self confident and enjoying the freedom that a love of dance can bring.

Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8 Award

The Higher Grades are wonderful, challenging grades for teenagers who love the feeling of dance and enjoy performing, even in the ballet class. Grade 7 is based on the Romantic style of the ballet "La Sylphide" and the Grade 8 Award is the culmination of many years of training. Students in Grade 8 perform solo dances in different styles in their exam; classical ballet, Free movement and Character dancing.

The skills learned through ballet training provide vital training for life, on or off the stage, and instill a lifelong love of dance, whether taking part or in an audience.

Vocational Classes

Vocational classes are for more committed students and keen pupils from approximately Grade 4 are invited to attend. Each level requires 18 months to 2 years of study before being entered for exams. These exams are the stepping stones to a possible career in dance. We currently have vocational classes at Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced 1 level.

All exam entries are at the discretion of the teacher.

Adult Beginners and Improvers  Ballet Class

This class is on Wednesday at 7.15pm is suitable for beginners, and newcomers are more than welcome. Encouraging good posture, strength, fitness, coordination and quick thinking, this class is always popular. The sense of acheivement and boost to self confidence that this class can bring is enhanced by the wonderful feeling of moving to the music and dancing. It's also great fun.

With new research, it is now recognised that regular dancing significantly resists the onset of dementia by encouraging the creation of new pathways in the brain, so keeping it active. Dancing always leaves you with a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment, as well as social and emotional benefits.

The Grade 7 Adult Ballet Class on Monday at 7.15pm is suitable for ladies who have been attending class for some years or those who have been ballet trained in the past. The wonderful Grade 7 syllabus, though technically demanding, encourages a sense of performance and enjoyment of dancing, and a sense of wellbeing. Ladies in this adult class took their Grade 6 Presentation Class in 2016 and  Grade 7 in 2019, which is  great achievement.

Please see our timetable page for the new 2020- 2021 timetable

BOYS ONLY CLASSES - The Boys Only dance classes have been a great success and the boys were the stars of our last Show.The Boys enjoy a fun class which channel their energy into dance with fitness, flexability, leaps and spins.

Mary Robson and Assistants Sylvie Clarke and  Catriona Matthew are Registered Teachers of the Royal Academy of Dance. Sylvie Clarke teaches the Tayport classes and Catriona Matthew teaches the younger ballet classes in Wormit. Mary Robson teaches most Graded exam classes.


All items are available through the Ballet School.

Nursery – Pink lycra leotard with attached skirt, pink ballet socks and shoes. Boys – t-shirt, shorts, white socks and black ballet shoes.

Pre-Primary & Primary in Dance – Pale pink cotton lycra leotard, pink voile x-over skirt, pink ballet socks and shoes.  Boys – white leotard, black shorts, white socks and white ballet shoes.

Grades 1 and 2 – Lavender leotard and belt, pink ballet socks and shoes, circular black character skirt with toning trim (see below), and character shoes.

Boys – white leotard, black shorts, white socks and white ballet shoes.  Lace up character shoes or jazz shoes.

Grades 3, 4 and 5 – navy cotton lycra leotard with ruched front, pink ballet tights, ballet shoes with elastics. Character skirt and shoes.  

Boys – white leotard and navy tights (worn over leotard), white socks and ballet shoes. Character shoes or jazz shoes.

Grades 6, 7 and 8 – Burgundy leotard  with toning georgette skirt. Ballet shoes with elastics, character shoes & skirt with toning ribbons.

Vocational students – Black camisole leotard, pink ballet tights, soft pointe shoes with ribbons and pointe shoes.  Advanced alternative leotard in purple.

N.B. Girls must be correctly measured for their character skirts before ordering them. The trimming, in either ric-rac or ribbons, should tone with the colour of the leotard.

Pointe shoes are only suggested when teachers feel that pupils are physically and emotionally ready for pointe work. Shoes must be professionally fitted at Dancia International, Nicolson Street in Edinburgh.